User Guide

Adding a License

Setting a License.

Once your asset is uploaded to your 'manage assets' page, your next step is to set a license.
Depending on the 'Asset Production Status' you selected when uploading, you will have the option to set a variety of licenses by geograpical region, method of media delivery etc.
When adding a variety of different licenses, make sure your selections don't conflict with one another – for example, if you set UK rights then you can't also set worldwide rights.
You can also upload your own rights agreement if you wish, which will supercede the Weaave standard License. Just use the ‘add terms/conditions’ link, to the right of your uploaded Asset thumbnail.
If nobody has purchased your asset via a particular license, you will still be able to delete and reset it later on. You can also delete and reset your licenses, fine-tuning the text details and cost you have set. This will not apply retrospectively to any previous purchases.


Setting License Categories.

Decide whether to upload your video as a free ‘Weaave’ or a pay ‘Asset’.
Free Streams & Free Downloads are ‘Weaaves’
If you load a free stream or free download, your Asset, when you publish it, will appear as a ’Weaave’ – video material available free for the use of other members under a Creative Commons License.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
You will be able to specify your own terms of use for your free clip if you want to, from your ‘Manage Account/My Assets.’ page.

All publicity materials apart from Trailers are hosted only on condition they are posted free of charge and licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Free Stream

Best if you want people to view your work without downloading it.
Your media will be made available as a stream (viewable from its own unique page).


Free Download

Select Free Download if you want your Media to be downloaded and used non-commercially by other members.
Viewers will be able to view a preview and then download a higher resolution copy of your media.
The resolution of the download will relate to the uploaded original - the higher the resolution of the original upload, the better the quality of the download.
Bear in mind that once you have published an asset as a Weaave you can still re-upload it later as a charged asset. Any downloads made previously will still be in general circulation under a creative commons license, so its best to only upload free clips if you intend them to remain free. Bear in mind there is a limit to your monthly storage allocation and download time that comes with your membership, so the more free clips you upload, the more likely it will be that you run out of storage and will need to top up your account.


Pay Categories are ‘Assets’

Pay Download; Exclusive Download; Pay Per View
First decide whether you want to distribute your work as a Pay (or Non-exclusive or Exclusive) Download or a Pay-Per-View - You can't select both.

Pay-Per-View (Video on Demand)

PPV Is the best option if you want to use Weaave as a distribution centre where viewers pay to view your completed work.
If you upload a pay-per-view asset you can set any charge you like for viewing. The lower the charge you set, the more likely you are to attract views. Make sure you only upload your best work - you will be more likely to get positive ratings and comments.
If you select Pay-Per-View, you will also need to upload a trailer or a short preview sequence for that Asset.
Viewers will watch your trailer and decide whether they want to purchase 2-day access to a stream of your asset that relates in quality to your original upload.

Pay Download

Pay Download is the best option for completed films if you want to set a price for purchase in different geographical regions, or via specific distribution channels: ie terrestrial broadcast, DVD, Internet etc as separate Licenses. You can set licenses once your asset has been uploaded to your channel. (See ‘setting a licence’)
Also select Pay Download If your asset is incomplete in any way. Pay Download is perfect if your Asset is a clip, shot, or short sequence. You can upload any interesting or unusual shots or sequences to Weaave. Other members will be able to view your material and pay to download it as a non-exclusive Asset and incorporate it into their work.
If you select Exclusive Download your Asset can then be purchased ONCE, either worldwide or ONCE per individual continent or country as specified.
If you select Paid Download a purchaser will be able to download your asset in the same format and frame-size as you uploaded it.