User Guide


Frequently Asked Questions about WEAAVE


1. Is Membership free?

As our memberships section shows, the first 2GB upload is most certainly free!


2. Is there a membership for businesses?

Absolutely! For only £29.99 a year you can enjoy up to 25GB uploads, full site access and many other great benefits!


3. What if I want to upload more?

It’s quite simple. With a paid membership you are entitled to expand your storage space, along with many more extras!


4. How can I sell my work?

You upload your Weaaves and Assets and then decide how much you want to sell them for. You can reprice them at any time if they don' t sell. Or if you decide they are under-valued. Although Weaave will facilitate the sale, you will sell the asset directly to the buying member.


5. Do I keep all the profit?

As detailed in our membership information, WEAAVE does take a percentage to cover administration costs.


6. How do I contact other community members?

You can connect to a member from any clip page. Then you can freely communicate with other members of the site once they have accepted your contact mail.


7. Where will my video clips be shown?

Weaave has an Explore section where all the video clips available on Weaave can be viewed. You can also Browse Channels, where your own channel will appear for visitors to take a look.


8. How do I search and post jobs?

Check the Weaave Jobs page which has detailed information and suggestions regarding posting and viewing the latest vacancies. By using our messenger board you can open communications with other members making sure that both parties fully understand what is offered and what is required.


9. What is a Pitch?

A pitch is a detailed commission for media work. Once again, we have a detailed 'More about Pitches' section to help you get the best from this posting area!


10. Do I retain full ownership of my work and copyright?

Of course! You retain full control and keep copyright for every Asset. Weaave' s are posted under a creative commons license so other members can share and use them. Weaave retains some rights relating to distribution and publicity. Check the Members Agreement for more details.


11. What is a Media License?

A media license is an agreement that covers every stream or download whether there is a charge attached or not. We strongly urge all members to read the Weaave Media License carefully before joining our community or uploading Media. You agree for example that you own full copyright for the Media you upload. You will also be confirming that either you are over 18 or if you are between the ages of 14-18, that you do have parental permission to use the site. It is a serious breach of our Terms of Use for anyone under the age of 14 to use WEAAVE.


12. Is uploading and downloading easy to do?

Yes! Once you have decided upon a name for your Weaave or Asset you can then enter further information about the work and upload directly from your computer files. You can add all vital details for the upload such as size, tag, author, purchases, length etc.


13. What about Asset Rights?

Once you have uploaded there is an option to choose the copyright rules you wish to apply. More about this can be found in our Uploading section. If you choose for your Weaave to be free to members this is covered by a Creative Commons License. If you want to charge for usage then your Asset is governed by the Weaave Media License unless you choose to upload your own Media Licence.


14. What is the Credit system about?

Credit vouchers are face-value vouchers that allow you to purchase chargeable assets from other Weaave members. These "vouchers" cost £1.00 per  "credit" and remain valid for 365 days. It makes international purchasing simple!


15. Can I post comments?

We welcome all opinions and views on work uploaded. Each uploaded Weaave or Asset allows you to post comments which can benefit the community and create an informative ambience.


16. How do I find Weaaves I like?

There are categories which will determine which slot your work goes into. Use the search system to find specific words.


17. What if I run into any technical difficulties?

Our team endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and can be contacted on


18. What do I do if any members are aggressive or play unfair?

As mentioned in our Website terms of use, we urge any members to contact us at should they experience any problems or have any concerns regarding posted content.


19. How do I pay for any Assets I want to purchase?

You will be able to see the cost in credits and can then proceed to the payment process.


20. Does WEAAVE have a Privacy Policy in place?

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Please ensure you read our Privacy Policy for further details.


21. What is a Weaave?

A Weaave is your uncharged media. Uploaded and free to use under Creative Commons License.


22. What is an Asset?

An Asset is a chargeable media upload governed by the Weaave Media License.


23. Who makes up the Weaave community?

WEAAVE is for media professionals and committed independent media makers.