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Media License

1    Weaave General Copyright Introduction.


1.1    All rights or ownership interests in all of the viewable or downloadable Media Content on the Weaave site including, without limitation, all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to such Media Content, are retained by Weaave or the individual Weaave Member who has uploaded that Content.

If you discover or suspect that any media material has been uploaded to the Weaave site in breach of copyright law, you must tell Weaave without delay on


1.2    In this agreement 'you' means you, the Weaave member.

When you download any of the Media content (whether chargeable or not) uploaded by other members to the Weaave site, you will be asked to signify your agreement with the terms of this license agreement between you and the Weaave member who owns copyright on the media you wish to download (hereafter referred to as the 'Weaave Media License', or 'Weaave License'). By indicating your agreement at the end of this document, you are certifying that you are between 14 and 18 years of age and have the complete agreement of your parent or legal guardian to access the Weaave site and download Media, or that you are over 18 years of age and are either accessing the site on your own behalf, or are acting on behalf of an organisation or company from which you have full agreement and authority to access the Weaave site and download Media items.


1.3     In accepting the Weaave License, You agree that you will fully credit the copyright owning member and that you will not deface erase or otherwise alter any proprietary mark, trademark or indication of ownership or credit pertaining to any purchased or otherwise downloaded media.


1.4     This License Agreement is to be read in conjunction with the Terms of Membership and other Terms of Use displayed on the Weaave site and to which you have agreed and furthermore which you have agreed that you have read and fully understand, on becoming a Weaave member. You are strongly advised to re-read these Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are absolutely clear about your legal obligations in relation to Weaave and also to other Weaave members.


1.5     In the event of a conflict or confusion over the meaning of any provision or term contained herein, the Weaave Membership Agreement shall take precedence over the other Terms of Use and/or this License Agreement.  Notwithstanding any such conflict or confusion, the other provisions described in this license agreement shall remain in force.

2     Weaave Member License covering the downloading of Media.

2.1    On payment of the requested amount relating to a media asset on the Weaave site, Weaave provides a link to you to download a selected clip in the Format you have chosen or provides you with a video stream and grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive License to use the Media Content you have selected for viewing and/or download in the geographical area and for the permitted uses defined and selected by you prior to purchase - referred to generally as 'Media Asset Purchase Rights' . see 2.2 below. By making this purchase you agree that you will adhere to these conditions of use and understand that there may be legal action taken against you if you breach these undertakings.

2.2     When you download chargeable media work(s) from Weaave, you must be aware that each and every chargeable clip is covered by the UK law of intellectual property use and that your right of use in relation to that Media work is limited absolutely to the described permissions clearly laid out in relation to every chargeable media work displayed on the Weaave site.


2.3     You are strongly advised to check the Media Asset Purchase details for any clip you are interested in prior to purchase particularly to ensure that the quality and technical parameters of the original media shown on the clip page are suitable for your purpose. The media you will receive a link to download after purchase will match the technical analysis posted to the right of the clip. You are also advised to check that the Media Asset Purchase Rights available match your particular requirements. Refunds cannot be made for Assets or Weaaves purchased or downloaded in error.


Media Asset Purchase Rights.

1      Quality or resolution of media upload

2     Free, or chargeable

3     Element, part-complete, or complete work

4     Exclusive or shared/variable rights

5     Transmission medium - ie DVD, Cable, Internet, Terrestrial

6     Geographical area of jurisdiction. - (ie World, UK, EU)

7     Number of transmissions.

8     Length of license.

9     Custom restrictions (additional copyright conditions/restrictions specified by Weaave members).


These rights are referred to henceforth as Media Asset Purchase Rights and comprise the details of a legally binding license agreement via the Weaave site between you and another copyright-owning Weaave member. Rights which are not specified to be owned by another Weaave member, are owned by Weaave.


2.3     Free Media Clips

Members are at liberty to download clips marked 'free creative commons'. (Weaaves) under a Creative Commons License

 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Members are free to approach each other to agree other copyright arrangements - such arrangements should be recorded in writing via the weaave internal mailbox.

All publicity materials apart from trailers are hosted only on condition they are licensed under a  Creative Commons License

 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

By downloading such items Members undertake to use them in a lawful manner, in accordance with the item owner's rights and in accordance with the Weaave Terms of Use. Although the Media is free to use there may be specified limitations shown in the Media Asset Purchase Rights as to how the clip may be used and you must abide by such additional limitations. 


2.4     Costed Media Clips (Assets)

On downloading any costed clip, you agree to abide absolutely by the conditions set out in the  Media Asset Purchase Rights for that clip.


2.5     Duplicated Clip Sales

You are entirely free to post media works owned exclusively by you on other media websites in addition to Weaave, with the proviso that, should these clips be sold elsewhere, you, the Weaave member, will act as quickly as possible, but, in any event within 36 hours, to modify the details relating to such clip or mediawork on your members account on the Weaave site to avoid any unwanted duplicated transaction.


2.6     Members are advised to display their work on a limited number of sites and preferably to offer for sale different rights to minimise the potential illegality of selling the same media rights more than once. For this reason members are also asked to remove their media items from the Weaave site if they decide to enter into an alternative transaction or direct negotiation over any of their media assets restricted by an element of exclusivity relating to geographical area or means of dissemination. Members are asked to remove their media in this event in order to avoid duplicate selling of exclusive or geographically specific transmission or broadcast rights. Transmission or broadcast is intended here to mean any specified or unspecified form of delivery to an area of geographical jurisdiction.


2.7     By indicating agreement with this License Agreement, you are also agreeing that in the event that there is a duplicated sale, or any disagreement over any copyrighted media item uploaded to the Weaave site, whether or not the details pertaining to this item have been altered in a timely manner on the site and/or such item has been subsequently removed, Weaave can accept no liability whatsoever, and you agree that the sole responsibility for enforcing copyright, delivery rights and cost in relation to media items uploaded to your membership area rests absolutely with you. You hereby agree that you will indemnify Weaave against all claims disputes and demands arising from any dispute under this clause 2.7.


2.8     You also agree that in the event that direct negotiation between members is required to achieve a copyright agreement in respect of terms of use of media shown or trailed on the site, you will channel all such transactions through the Weaave charging mechanism.

It is important you do this so that we can continue to run the site for the benefit of all members and further request that you inform Weaave by email of any improvements or enhancements you consider Weaave can make in the functionality of this service.


2.9     In the event a member or members purchase content available on the Weaave site in contravention of the terms and conditions of the site, or upload or download undesirable material as defined in the Weaave Terms of Acceptable Use then, in addition to any other rights it may have, Weaave reserves the right to terminate membership forthwith and the infringing members. account may be forfeit. Where UK law is found to have been infringed, Weaave reserves the right to take any legal action Weaave sees fit according to the circumstances or to make available any salient data to enable another member or members or other organization or body to do so.

3        Use Restrictions.

3.1     Your license to use a media asset or clip is limited to your own personal or corporate membership use or to the company you have stated you represent when setting up your membership with Weaave. Your license is not transferable under any circumstances to any other entity or organisation. If you wish to license a media asset for use by another company or organisation, you will need to create a separate Weaave membership for that company or organisation.

4         Media Copies.

4.1     Once you have purchased and downloaded a media asset from the Weaave site, you may transfer or make copies or files containing the media material for the purpose of permitted distribution, publicity & backing-up only, provided that:

a.  The media asset is held in a secure manner.

b.  The material is copied in such a way that it cannot be accessed or extracted.

c.  You ensure that any copyright or proprietary marks remain intact.

d.  You make the minimum number of copies needed to fulfil the above requirements.

 You agree that you will not make available, in any way, any Media Asset such that it can be further distributed via a mobile or electronic or file-sharing or any other distribution environment unless expressly permitted to do so under the terms of the Media Purchase Rights for that Media.



5.2 Furthermore, you agree that you will not, unless explicitly allowed under the terms of copyright selected for a particular Media Item you are downloading, repackage or alter it for resale or for promotional or advertising purposes.


5.3 Any use of downloaded media that is not explicitly described at purchase may constitute infringement of copyright. If you are unsure about a permitted use contact the copyright owner direct.


6 .Element. .Part-Completed work. License.

By downloading a media asset from the Weaave site marked for download as an element, you are, subject to the exceptions detailed in the Media Asset Purchase Rights and those exceptions, if any, detailed within the precise terms of your agreement in relation to that media item, hereby licensed to use the material in the construction of other media work in any way you see fit including but not exclusively to mash, edit, change, alter, reconfigure and/or combine with any other material.

7       Completed Work License.

By downloading a media asset from the Weaave site marked for download as a completed Work, you are licensed hereby to use the material for the purpose of transmission or dissemination only, according to the conditions detailed in the Media Asset Purchase Rights and within the precise terms of your agreement in relation to that media item as detailed alongside the item prior to purchase. 

8         License Expiry.

8.1     Once the permitted period of use expires if there is one, you must either renew the license for a further period, or delete all copies you have made or distributed. Failure to do this will constitute a breach of copyright.


8.2     You can end this License Agreement at any time by terminating use of the Media and destroying any copies and any media containing identifiable parts of the media in any form, as well as any copies or back-ups. You may not recover any charges you have paid - Media downloads are sold as seen.


8.3     This License Agreement also ends without prior notice from Weaave if you fail at any time to adhere to any of its terms. If for any reason you cannot download a clip or the clip is corrupted or damaged in any way or does not match your requirements, you may contact weave on and if no technical solution can be found, Weaave will without obligation consider a refund.

9        Representations and Warranties.

9.1     The Site provides for Media exchange between Weaave members who provide Content to the Site and members who wish to use such Content. Weaave grants no rights and makes no warranties or representations regarding the use of names, people, trademarks, patented or copyrighted designs or works of art or any other form of intellectual property contained in any Media Content. While Weaave has made reasonable efforts to facilitate the accurate tagging and categorization of media content on the site, Weaave can take no responsibility for the accuracy of such information or the functionality of site features.


9.2     Whilst Weaave attempts to maintain a high quality of content, delivery speed and format conversion on the site, nevertheless Weaave cannot take responsibility for the fitness of any media or service for any particular purpose whatsoever. Media content is provided .as is. on the site without warranty or representation of any kind, either express or implied, and Weaave does not represent or warrant that the content will meet your requirements or that its use will be uninterrupted or error free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the content is with you. Should the content prove defective, you (and not Weaave) assume the entire risk and cost of all necessary corrections.