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Weaave Pitching Centre


The pitch service is for Commissioners of Media Work to invite tendering for projects. Its also useful for independent producers to outsource work to other creative experts or specialists.
A 'Pitch' details the media work you would like other Weaave members to apply to carry out, or ‘pitch’ for. Pitching arrangements are agreed directly between Weaave members.


Responding to Pitches Tips

  • Keep your submission brief and relevant;
  • Match your replies to pitches that suit your expertise;
  • Attach a CV or add a show reel to your channel;
  • Do not carry out work unless you are confident it is necessary (speculative pilot work, time writing sample scripts etc.);
  • Make sure you contact the member for clarification if you are unsure at any time;
  • Get written confirmation including payment details or deposit before you begin any work;
  • When you respond to a Pitch make sure you clearly specify what you want to know. Gather as much information about the project as possible and only proceed if you are certain you really understand what is required.


Posting Pitches Tips

  • Keep Pitches concise and short;
  • Keep confidential details private until you decide the right time to divulge them;
  • Use WEAAVE messenger for further communication;
  • Use WEAAVE messenger to confirm in writing budget, salary, guidelines and your terms etc.;
  • Form your own contractual arrangements;


A pitch needs to grab attention, get your message across and to describe your project with as much detail as possible in as few words as possible! Be specific about scripting, storyboarding and pilot-work you want to see. Detail what kind of theme, subject, style, skill level, and qualifications you require and any relevant experience necessary. Stay concise with a striking headline!


Weaave makes no charge for posting or responding to Pitches. Weaave can have no involvement in Pitching arrangements between members and cannot intercede in the event of a problem. See Weaave Members Agreement 15.2 for more information about Pitching.