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More About Weaave

Weaave is an Independent Media Community committed to supporting Independent Media Production and Distribution.


- Online Direct Media Publishing
- Online Media Commissioning
- High Quality Searchable Clip Library / Media Archiving
- Media Networking Centre
- Online Pitching & Job Centre


Upload to Weaave and viewers can not only view your work, but also they can purchase it at a price set by you. So you can post your work free, with a Creative Commons License - a 'Weaave', or as a chargeable 'Video'. At any time you can log-in to your Weaave account and change the details or status of your `Weaaves' and 'Videos'. You can publish them for public viewing or keep them private in your own Members Asset Library.




When you upload a 'Video' or a 'Weaave', it will upload automatically using the quality and frame size characteristics of your media file.If you want to upload a very large file we advise you to compress it down to under 1.8GB - there is a 2GB size limit for any one item. H264 is usually a good compression to choose.



We want you to succeed at distributing your Media work. Bear in mind, if you upload as a 'Weaave' your Video is basically out there and other members may use it or incorporate it in their work. As time goes by, Weaave will build into an archive of free clips available for non-commercial use. If members use your work for resale, they must contact you and ask your permission.



We hope you really enjoy using Weaave and all its features.



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