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"Weaaves" are media uploads, free to use subject to creative commons license restrictions.
"Videos" are any media uploaded with a charge attached.
"Weaaves" and "Videos" can be accessed by users by download or a stream to a computer or TV.
Join Weaave online media network to showcase or exhibit your outstanding media. Upload or view charged or free clips, shorts, docs and features.

Weaave is simple to use and easy to manage, whether it’s a shot you want to upload, or a completed film, Weaave is a clear choice to showcase and store web quality, or transmission Media securely online. Whatever your style or genre, once you have uploaded your work you can move on to your next project knowing that your work is online 24/7 to be accessed and viewed.

Viewers, Broadcasters, Webcasters, Media buyers and other industry professionals can search, preview and buy your work on terms you set. You retain control and ownership over your copyrighted work or you can choose to Upload no-charge media, clips, trailers and tasters (Weaave’s) under a Creative Commons License.

Use our Job page to search for projects and positions.

Use our Pitching area to create links with other production teams and pitch for projects.

Use Weaave Media Networking Centre,  Online Direct Media Publishing,  Online Media Commissioning,  High Quality Searchable Clip Library / Media Archiving,  Online Pitching & Job Centre.

We hope you really enjoy using Weaave and all its features.

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